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Why your websites speed is important


In 2010 Google announced that your websites page speed will directly impact your website ranking. The page speed refers to the time a visitor has to wait until your landing page is completely loaded. Google looks at how you are doing compared to your competitors and will reward you if you are the fastest.

Many e-commerce sites will focus a lot on having a high SEO ranking, without taking their page speed into consideration in their continuous effort to beat the competitors. So, if you want to get ahead, don’t neglect your page speed.

n 2020 Google also announced that it will switch to mobile-first indexing, so keep in mind to put extra effort into optimizing your mobile page speed and user experience.

Conversion and bounce rate

As your page speed increases, so does the bounce rate. The bounce rate has a direct impact on your conversions.

If you look at Google’s research, you will see that as page load times goes from 1 second to 10 seconds, the bounce rate increases with 123%. If you experience a higher bounce rate than usually, check if your page load has increased. Run your site through a quick test here to receive a report from google.

For every second delay you have on your Magento’s page load, conversions can fall with up to 20%.
Having a slow site can directly impact your bottom line. That’s why every second matters.

A fast site will provide a better and smoother experience for your customers. It’s vital to avoid any frustration in the shopper journey.

Speed and size matters

Posted in Blog on Jun 07, 2021

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