Consignor Module

Become a part of the world’s biggest carrier database by using the Consignor module.
If you want to offer multiple shipping option with different carriers, it's usually required to have an integration from your webshop to every single one of the carriers' systems. This can be prevented by using the Consignor platform which contains the worlds' biggest carrier directory.
In order to enjoy Consignor your webshop is required to be able to communicate with Consignor. With vConnect's Consignor Module this is done easily. It automatically, with triggers, statuses or events, moves the required data from your webshop to the Consignor system. Then the Consignor systems prints your shipping label, based on the received data.

Interested in the Consignor Module?

If you're interested in purchasing our Consignor Module or want to hear more about it, you're more than welcome to contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page or call us at telephone no.: + 45 7875 4085.

Advantages by using Consignor:


  • Track and trace

  • Consignor advises your customers

  • Simple return policy

  • Action Center


  • Digital shipment

  • Consignor prints everything you need

  • Consignor integrates with all systems

  • Consignor is available in three different versions

Cost management:

  • Calculation of freight price

  • Management of costs

  • Consignor exports freight calculations

  • Consignor gives you insight into data

Value-added services

  • Insurance of shipments instantly

  • Ship advisor shows delivery options

  • Consignor handles dangerous goods

  • Consignor automates your shipping rules

Quality assurance

  • Validation of your data

  • Scan App documents the shipping status

  • Consignor keeps you informed

  • Checking incoming shipments



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