Customer cases


Working together

Through a well-functioning collaboration of over 4 years, we have developed and optimized Kaffekapslen’s Magento webshop on many fronts. In addition to launching the site in many of the European countries, we have set up Embedded ERP and accounted for the company's expansion on the module. The entire site has also made a 100% custom cart and checkout that considers the security aspects and values that the customer has wanted to send to their customers. In addition, we have made custom filtering on category pages, with editable icons and dynamic page title and implemented Mirasvit spinx search ultimate extension. The site has undergone a huge optimization of the front end, database as well as server level. This has resulted in a very nice measurement on e.g. GT Matrix, which we are very proud of. Especially a FirstLoad of approx. 80-100ms where the goal was to reach under the 200ms that google recommends.

What Kaffekapslen do is the Nordic region's largest coffee capsule supplier and has delivered more than 50,000,000 capsules in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. It all started in a small warehouse, but now their warehouse has grown to double size, and in 2016 they received a Gazelle award.


What we have done for Carlab

A webshop with approx half a million SKU's is a demanding task for even the best Magento house. The collaboration with Carlab is very much characterized by a balance between exploratory development, large import / item synchronization tasks and overall maintenance and site optimization. The Magento Shop's complex setup includes features like Embedded ERP, Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate, Asynchronous reindexing, and cache, etc. One of Hetzner's largest dedicated servers is the basis for hosting the site. We have assisted the customer with setup, optimization and we are responsible for the daily monitoring and maintenance of the server.

About Carlab is a webshop selling car equipment. You can buy everything from spare parts and car care. Carlab works in such way that you can enter your license plate, your car brand and model and will then be presented with all products that fits your car.


What we have done for ErgoPartner

This is a magento webshop with demanding bundle product setup. Likewise, the site uses the 3rd party search and intelligent content display clerk. In addition to our daily operations and maintenance, we have also developed a specially developed frontend extension, through which you interact with relevant articles, videos, and present and promote the appropriate products of the shop.

About Ergopartner is Denmark's largest specialist company in ergonomic optimization of the office workplace, with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Their work is to sell ergonomic products and thereby make hundreds of jobs ergonomically correct.


What we have done for Sharkgaming

With special configured computers, used by the best e-gamers in the world, the Magenta Shop also sets high demands. The need to be able to customize computer configurations online and with a complex logic about resale, this site has been a demanding task. The shop also uses enormously detailed and heavy graphics in the form of images and video, programmed in HTML5 and CSS3. With special strain on BlackFriday, CyberSunday and other trading highs, we have been tasked with setting up and maintaining an advanced multiserver setup, multiple frontend servers and loadballance.

About Sharkgaming is the supplier of the best gaming systems. They produce some of the wildest systems on the market, with employees who are experts in each of their areas. They have gone from being a small "apartment project" to a headquarters of 450 square meters and over 20 employees.


What we have done for Coolkondom

Coolkondom's webshop has been with us for many years and has undergone many different redesigns over the years. The site uses various search and intelligent content viewing systems. The Danish Is using Clerk, the Swedish is using InstantSearch+, the plan is to implement an advanced integration of Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate in spring 2018, which will replace the two aforementioned. There has been used many resources to search engine optimize the shop, from the customer's side, and made a lot of external feeds and campaigns.

About Coolkondom is a webshop selling a wide range of condoms. Since many people think it's embarrassing to buy condoms in physical stores, they have found a solution to this and therefore sell condoms online.


What we have done for Apair

The Magento shop is fully integrated with DdD POS system and uses this for centralized warehouse handling. In addition to be a demanding graphic customer, the shop counts many exciting extensions in terms of their checkout process and freight handling. Many resources have been used in the search engine optimization site, in close cooperation with the customer's SEO agency. We have also set up and stand for daily maintenance of the dedicated Hetzner server that the shop uses for hosting.

About Apair is a fashion store online with small 50,000 SKU numbers and physical stores distributed throughout Denmark. They sell luxury brands in the highest end of the fashion industry, made by the world's best designers and craftsmen.


What we have done for Greensquare

We made a full redesign of the Magento shop in close cooperation with the customer's webshop designer. An intelligent content view has been made based on sessions and cookies, which means visitors will be presented with new content each time they visit the page. In addition, the shop is integrated with the client's mail system Campaign Monitor.

About Greensquare

Green square Copenhagen is a webshop selling antiques, besides that they have a showroom where their furniture is presented. Initially, they sold primarily to Danish and German customers, but have gradually become more international and now have a growing international customer base.

Forsyning Helsingør

What we have done for Forsyning Helsingør

Forsyning Helsingør sells electricity products to customers through the Magento shop. vConnect is responsible for the development of the webshop. This has included a special calculator, here can the customers easily find what product that fits best to their household. Besides the daily operation and maintenance vConnect also have a PDF solution so the customers who don’t have Email can receive there electricity agreement by mail.

About Forsyning Helsingør

Forsyning Helsingør ensure that the “daily life for the Helsingør family runs”, when we deliver electricity, water and heat, and ensure that waste and sewage is going well away.


What we have done for

ChrisCopenhagen is a webshop that sells quality watches through a Magento webshop, where vConnect have been the developer.With around 5000 watches, maintenance is crucial for the webshop. So vConnect have helped with the daily support where the website have been kept stable and fast. vConnect have also cooperated with ChrisCopenhagen making the visual effect and made it friendly for mobile user.

About Chris Copenhagen is a webshop that sells quality all around the world. The philosophy is that their watches need to be a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that their customers can wear proudly. Besides a webshop ChrisCopenhagen sells their watches in stores around Denmark.


What we have done for TinyMobileRobots

For TinyMobileRobots, we have developed a B2B web page in Wordpress. TinyMobileRobots wanted a page where they could present their products to businesses in the best possible way.The theme has been carefully selected in collaboration with Bertel from TinyMobileRobots, emphasizing an easy and straightforward design. In addition, Cookiebot has been set up. We also advised which server would be best and optimal for the needs of the site.

About TinyMobileRobots is a company who specializes in high-precision, reliable outdoor robots that perfom marking and persistent work. They are specialized in the land of surveying with its millimetre-precision, and are now implementing that precision in an outdoor environment.