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Ergopartner specializes in ergonomic solutions and services for the office workplace. Their goal is to help create a healthy office work environment, which leads to reduce sick leaves caused by repetitive stress injuries and other office work related injuries. The website focuses on selling ergonomics products combined with outstanding consulting.

In general, the products they offer are not very well known (as brands and types of products) to the end customer, which meant that we needed to find a better way to guide their clients, helping them find and choose the right product.

They had an existing Magento 1 store, from which we were able to collect and analyze user-behavior data and site performance, both of which showed us where and what we can improve in order to increase the site revenue and conversion rate.

The Challenge

Based on the research we did we found out the site had few major issues. One of which was the fact the user interface was really outdated and does not comply with the type of products they sell. Second, the mobile version was far from being – mobile friendly, and finally – the overall site speed was low, due to numerous reasons.

In short – we had to update the UI, both for desktop and mobile, and create a brand-new system that complies with the latest Magento 2 requirements.

The Goals

There were a lot of things we had to do. Below we highlighted the ones we think are worth mentioning.

The Results

We had continuous communication along the way of creating the new User Interface and updating the User Experience, which helped us achieve an outstanding result in no time.

As you can see below, we have come a long way since 'Version 1' and we have achieved a lot. Some of the things worth mentioning here are the optimized header and the fact that on the new product page there is a prominent price which was not available on the old version.

Even though a part of this project is still under development, based on the tests we did so far, we are confident in the future success.

Version 1

Posted in Projects on Mar 30, 2021

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