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vConnect has many years of experience with eCommerce web development and can help you developing a brand new webshop or expand, optimize and operate an existing webshop.

We have extensive experience with development in the following eCommerce platforms:

  • PrestaShop

  • WooCommerce

  • OpenCart

  • Magento (Read more here)

Our developers are eCommerce specialists (we have 14 certified Magento developers), and we have an ongoing focus on quality, which make us a competent sparring and development partner for your eCommerce project.

In addition to general operation and maintenance of webshops, we have also experience with upgrades and rewriting of webshops, developing customized modules and expanding to new markets (e.g. Sweden, Norway and Germany). All projects are being handled by a Danish-speaking project manager and everything is tested, and quality assured before we deliver it to our customers.

We use the versioncontrolsystem GIT so your codes and versions are always controlled, also when more developers are working on your project at the same time.

Our standard price is 100,00 Euro per hour. For larger projects and SLA agreements (fixed monthly number of support hours) the hourly rate can be negotiated.


All assignments are specified and added to our project management system JIRA. Larger tasks are estimated before they start, so everyone knows what to expect. Regular status meetings between you and your assigned project manager ensure you a full overview of the tasks currently in progress. For larger projects or ongoing support agreements, we will typically also give you access to our project management system.


We are a full-service IT house, which means that we have all the necessary resources in-house at our own office.

We can handle all tasks in a web development process, ranging from design and other graphic work to final testing and quality assurance, and of course all the intermediate code work within:

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Javascript

  • PHP

We have our own server administrator who maintains and monitors our customers' dedicated servers and other hosting. We do not offer hosting but assist our customers to find the best solution for them, according to their needs and budget - see more here.



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