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Whether you have developed your Magento webshop with us or at another IT house, we are always open to offer you a Magento support SLA agreement.

Our SLA agreements (Service Level Agreement with a fixed monthly number of hours) starts from 20 hours a month, but sometimes we also support customers into regular hourly settlement. With a SLA agreement you get:

  • Billing per commenced quarter instead of per hour

  • Lower hourly rate

  • Priority in our production (max 3 days reaction time)

  • Access to our project management system JIRA

In addition to the regular operation and maintenance of Magento webshops, we have extensive experience with upgrades and rewriting of Magento webshops, developing customized modules, setting up new storefronts/websites in Magento when you want to expand into new markets (e.g. Sweden, Norway and Germany), and optimization of both simple and complex Magento webshops (both in terms of the shops speed and how it scores in key tests). In addition, we are experts in the transportation and delivery section of a webshop. We often work closely with our SLA customer's SEO agencies, so we ensure that their ideas are implemented in the right way in your webshop.

As a SLA customer you will have access to the following resources and competencies:

  • General IT consulting and sparring

  • Code work (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP)

  • Light graphical work and retouch of images

  • Help with adding static content and general typing work


All support tasks are specified and added to our project management system JIRA, where you will be able to follow the development process. Larger tasks are estimated before they start, so everyone knows what to expect. Regular status meetings between you and your assigned project manager ensure you a full overview of the support tasks that are ongoing.

We quality test all support tasks before we upload to your live site.


Over the last 5 years, we have been striving to recruit, and empower our employees in Magento's exciting universe, which has so far resulted in 14 Certified Magento Programmers. Our goal is, of course, that all our developers obtain this certification as a quality stamp, as it is a quality insurance for our customers.

It also means that there will always be Magento certified developers associated with your Magento support team.


We are a full-service IT house, which means we have all the necessary resources in-house at our own office.

In this way, we ensure that the quality we deliver is always top-notch and that we can respond quickly and deliver on time.

We have our own server administrator who maintains and monitor our customers' dedicated servers and other hosting. We do not offer hosting but do assist our customers to find the best solution for them, according to their needs and budget here.

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