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Do you need a new Magento webshop? Then vConnect is the right IT house for you. Over the last 5 years, we have delivered many successful Magento solutions, which you can see a fraction of on customer case sites.

When we make webshops from A-Z, it means that we participate in all phases of your webshop project:

  • Planning and brainstorming

  • Design and/or visual development

  • Implementation of functions

  • Test and quality assurance

We usually recommend starting from scratch with Magento's responsive RWD theme, but if the budget is not big enough to do that, then we are not principally against using an already styled theme from one of the many theme providers.

You can deliver a complete design to us or we can help you design your new shop. We can also arrange a design "direction" together, and then deal with the details along the way in the visual development.

We would like to use premade modules from well-known module providers to achieve the desired functionality, but we also develop custom modules for our customers, when we believe that is the best solution.

Whether we develop modules and features from the bottom or modify existing modules and features, we always use Magento "best practice" to get the best results and avoid performance and compatibility issues in the future.

We use the versioncontrolsystem GIT, so your codes and versions are always controlled, also when more developers are working on your project at the same time.


The project will be divided into phases and thereafter specific tasks, which will be added to our project management system JIRA, where you will be able to follow the development process. Here we also gather our dialogue and information collection and sharing. Regular status meetings between you and your assigned project manager ensure you a full overview of the progress and, if necessary, issues that has shown up along the way, as well as our solutions for these.


Over the last 5 years, we have been striving to recruit, and empower our employees in Magento's exciting universe, which has so far resulted in 14 Certified Magento Programmers. Our goal is, of course, that all our developers obtain this certification as a quality stamp, as it is a quality insurance for our customers.

It also means that there will always be Magento certified developers associated with your Magento project.


We are a full-service IT house, which means we have all the necessary resources in-house at our own office.

In this way, we ensure that the quality we deliver is always top-notch and that we can respond quickly and deliver on time.

We have our own server administrator who maintains and monitor our customers' dedicated servers and other hosting. We do not offer hosting but do assist our customers to find the best solution for them, according to their needs and budget - see more here.

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