Pacsoft Module

Are you tired of manually copying and making expensive and time-consuming mistakes?

vConnect has, in cooperation with Smart Send, developed a package label system that enables you, as a webshop owner, to make package labels directly from your webshop with just a few clicks.

  • The recipient is transferred automatically

  • The shipping method is automatically selected

  • Services is automatically associated

  • Tracking is automatically saved

  • Everything with a click in the webshop

Delivery Locations

  • Automatically show the closest ones

  • Mobile-friendly view

  • Secured from errors - do not lose sales

If the shipping company has IT problems, the package is automatically sent to the nearest pick-up point, so you will never lose an order due to IT problems.

Tracking provides better customer experiences

With Smart Send integration, tracking information is automatically stored in the webshop, when a package label is created.

  • Integrate tracking in the webshop

  • Include in the order confirmation

  • Send email and SMS with tracking

Mail and SMS advice

Send the customer an email and / or an SMS with tracking information and let them know when the package is ready for pickup, if it is sent to a delivery place.

Easy setup

Easy to set up shipping methods and freight prices, while there are plenty of options:

  • Let the address determine the shipping method and price

  • Let subtotal determine shipping method and price

  • Let the weight determine the shipping method and price

  • Let the product type determine shipping method and price


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