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Are you considering changing hosting? Does your shared hosting no longer live up to your expectations about speed, up time etc.?

vConnect can advise you about your best options in hosting so that you get the solution that best suits your needs.

A dedicated solution means that you get your very own server, which will improve the speed and uptime of your webshop. If you decide that a dedicated solution is the right choice for your webshop, we can help you set up the server, moving your webshop to the new server and ongoing service and maintenance of the server and its software.
A dedicated solution gives you full assurance that only your sites have access to the resources on the server.
Additionally, you can be sure that there won’t be any updates or changes without you ordering them or being informed about this..

If you need a more sophisticated solution with multiple front-end servers, load-balancing, etc., it’s not a problem either, as we have thorough experience with cloud solutions, for example Amazon's AWS and Microsoft Windows Azure.

We'e not a hosting company, and therefore makes no warranty of uptime, speed or otherwise. However, we’re your dedicated web administrator, you can use, to the extent you want.



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