Today’s online shoppers expect convenience. It should not only be easy to navigate your Webshop to make a purchase, but the checkout experience should be seamless and offer the most convenient options for your customers, both for payment and delivery options. It is all part of the service that modern shoppers are expecting, even when shopping online.

We made a series of modules that offers one of the most convenient delivery options for your customers – pickup locations, also called service points.

What are pickup locations?

A pickup location is a store or locker that is a part of a huge network, all over Europe, where customers can choose to pick up their packages. It could for example be a supermarket, where your customers are going to get groceries from anyway after work, and they could at the same time pick up their packages from there. The package is simply delivered by the carrier to the chosen point, and the store is then handling storage and handing over the package to your customer.

The package can usually be picked up at any time during the store opening hours. Packages can also be returned by the customers at these points. The carriers will send a message to both you, the merchant, and the customer when the package is ready to be picked up.

“A convenient pickup location for your customers is your selling point!”

What does the Pickup Locator module do?

The module adds a new delivery method to your checkout and when the customer chooses it, a list of locations will load, in order of closest to the filled-in shipping address. A filter is also present in case the customer wants to search for a location in a different postal code. The customer can also search for a specific address or pickup location. The locations are all loaded via the carrier API, so it is also always updated with new or closed points.

When the package is ready to be picked up from the location, the customer will receive an SMS that it is ready to be picked up.

How does it work for the merchant?

In the admin panel, there are multiple settings:

  • General module settings:
    Here you will add the API and translations for the module, if you don’t want to keep the default ones.
  • Delivery methods:
    Enable/disable the delivery method
    Add Method title
    Choose condition (weight or price or above) for calculating delivery price
    Import your delivery rates
  • Pickup locator settings:
    API keys
    Number of pickup locations to display
    You will also receive a notification when the package is ready to be picked up and again once the customer has picked up their order.

Checkout compatibility

All the modules are compatible with the Magento standard checkout and the Amasty onestep checkout.

If you are interested in compatibility with other checkouts, please reach out to us for customization service.


We have modules for many of the most popular carriers in Europe

  • PostNord
  • GLS
  • Colis Prive
  • Bring
  • DHL

Countries and locations

The countries and locations that are supported differ from each carrier.

Where do I get the modules?

You can find all our available modules on our Magento Markeplace profile here.